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MMA Fighter Horacio Gutierrez takes proloTECH into the cage at Combate Americas.

Updated: May 14, 2018

proloTECH patient, Horacio Gutierrez victorious at Combate Americas. Sacramento, CA. May 11, 2018.

Sacramento, CA - Elite athletes abuse their bodies through years of training, constantly pushing through the aches and pains in pursuit of a goal: to be the best that they can be. Over the years, training day in and day out for hours at a time, sometimes twice a day or more, their bodies start to break down. Even the fittest of athletes can only take so much.

In the end, they are riddled with nagging pains. Chronic injuries. Most of these are mild recurrent aches, no more than a constant nuisance. Others are more significant: an ever-present threat with the potential to become a real injury that could put training on hold and sideline any aspirations of greatness.

Anyone who trains regularly has their own set of these nagging pains. Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Horacio Gutierrez is no exception.

ProloTECH physician, Dr. Eric Moon has been treating Gutierrez for several years, suturing wounds and conducting his medical clearance exams for various fighting events, including several for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). More recently, Dr. Moon has been using proloTECH regenerative injection therapy to keep Horacio's body moving smoothly, holding those nagging pains at bay.

On May 11, 2018, Gutierrez stepped into the cage for the first time after starting a program of proloTECH maintenance therapy using prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections to strengthen his joints. After several sessions, Gutierrez was able to step into the cage with confidence, knowing that his hips, shoulders, and knees would be there for him in his fight against a tough opponent in Chris Avila who trains under the infamous Diaz brothers in Stockton, California.

The results speak for themselves. After three hard-fought rounds, Gutierrez won the fight by unanimous decision. Obviously Gutierrez himself deserves all of the credit for the win, but all champions are backed by a team of players that help to prepare them for victory.

For Horacio, that team consisted of striking coach Roberto Ramirez, jiu-jitsu coach Jay Valko, and a number of others who helped him to hone his skills for the fight. To keep the body intact and functioning despite his rigorous training, proloTECH Regenerative Injection Therapy also played a role.

Gutierrez will advance to the next bracket in an ongoing tournament promoted by Combate Americas. His next fight will be in September of 2018. ProloTECH will continue to work with Horacio and his team between now and then to keep him healthy so that he will be at his best when he gets in the cage again.

ProloTECH Regenerative Injection Therapy is available in Chicago and in Northwest Indiana at Elite Healthcare in Lincoln Park and at Motus Integrative Health in Scherrerville. Call either location to set up a consultation.

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